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For me, the road to becoming a successful leader and Coach started with dropping out of high school.

It was the first time I followed my gut and made a decision that wasn't widely accepted at the time. I knew the road I was on wasn't going to lead me where I needed to be, so I made the leap. 

Fast forward and the next years of my life consisted of:

  • Getting my GED

  • Attending Community College and graduating with Distinction

  • Finding out I was pregnant 2 months before I graduated from SUNY

  • Marrying my military boyfriend 

  • Living alone, raising my son, and going to Graduate school for my Master's in Mental Health Counseling while my husband was deployed

  • Graduating the top of my class with awards and honors from St. John Fisher

  • Becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

  • And then within a few years I went from working an entry-level graveyard shift to a Corporate Leader ​ 

Through extensive training and reflection, I have spent the past several years crafting my own unique leadership style. Now, my expertise in leadership, behavioral health, communication, goal setting and accountability, will help get you to where you want to be.

***I am a wife and mother of a funny and compassionate pre-teen son (yikes!) and four rambunctious fur-babies. 

***I am continually looking for opportunities for self-growth and trying to challenge myself past my comfort zone.      (I also really like to watch bad television and I dance in my kitchen while I undercook or burn dinner.)

About Me: About Me
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