During the program, we will utilize your existing strengths, values, and experience to bring them front and center to Empower YOU. If you still aren't sure exactly what you want to work on, that is okay! That is part of the process to hone in on a specific goal and build steps to work towards it!

Online Coaching with Laura Evans 

Think you might be a "People Pleaser but you aren't sure?

Can you relate to the feeling of being "burnt out?" Always exhausted and needing an

opportunity to recharge but it never lasts long?  You find people to be draining because

they take all of your energy and time?


How about feeling like a "push-over" or "doormat" because you have a hard time saying

no when people ask you for favors? Like everyone takes advantage of your kindness

and never reciprocates?

Do you ever leave a conversation with someone, and then spend the next hour

(or even day) beating yourself up over what you said? Thinking to yourself

"That was so stupid" or "I can't believe I said that," and then speculating that the

person must be judging you (or disliking you) because of the interaction?

Do you consistently do everything you can to avoid confrontation?


Generally, do you ever question your value, or feel insecure in your interpersonal

relationships (Family, Friends, Work, School, Acquaintances, or Significant others?).

Alignment and Empowerment  

What is Alignment?

It is when all of the pieces of you, versions of who you have been and will be, join together at a point in clarity. It is the process of becoming truly aware of who you are. To be Aware, is to be able to Dare to dream!

What is Empowerment?

To Empower is to be IN POWER! We will work together while you learn and practice the steps to find your Control in your relationships,  interactions, feel comfortable saying "no," and setting boundaries others will understand!


Move over! You are in
Your own way!


Welcome! I'm Laura- the Therapist turned Coach and I want to

first commend you on taking the first step to saying YES to

yourself by visiting my site!


I help women who identify as "people pleasers" STOP putting everyone else's needs in front of their own!

I will help you:

  • Identify what goal is most important to you right now!

  • Achieve that goal by setting realistic steps!

  • Hold you accountable! (Because I know you can do this!)

  • Reduce anxiety in confrontational situations

  • And begin to feel more competent and comfortable in your interactions with others!


Take the first step to saying YES to yourself, and reach out to learn more about the

coaching process and program!


If you take time to invest in yourself today, you will get back a tomorrow that you are excited and thankful for!

What I Specialize In

Empower Women to Find their Voice

Communication Skills

Self-Care and Self-Love

Set Healthy Boundaries

Challenge Core Beliefs and Thought Reframing

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Phone: 585-967-4795

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